The ultimate​ guide for getting a road bike in Copenhagen!

The ultimate​ guide for getting a road bike in Copenhagen!

Summer is here, and os is time for a race road bike to explore bike paths around Copenhagen!

IF you do not have one you are in the right place! If you already have one – look through and make sure that it is the right fit bike for you. 

This article strolls through the procedure of getting and finding the right bike all the way. After reading the article you will enable to see every one of the highlights that have to be considered 

But you should be prepared and knowledgeable to know whether it is the correct one for you or not! 

All things considered, we are here to support you. 


Start with what is the reason to buy a Road Bike? Are you looking for speed, style, dynamics, preparing your summer body or all the mentioned ?If you have any experience of biking, you would be aware that road bikes are known as the sports cars of the biking world


All bikes should be quick however with regards to road bike, there is no examination. They are structured so that it stretches out the capacity to cycle quick. The wheels are lightweight, and their shape and structure are smooth.It is extraordinarily intended for you to move not far off effectively.

Driving bicycle fast in Copenhagen
Speed is everything!


Road bikes generally speaking have a light structure which is the reason they convey a somewhat smooth presentation. Frame materials  are the heart of the new bike it’s one of the main causes for lightweight road bikes. Frame materials are described in the following section to help you in detailed understanding. 

Execution and Efficiency

Beside the speed, road bikes are hitting with respect to efficiency. They are worked in a brilliantly athletic way that makes a very powerful position for them in the market. Right amount of gears, aerodynamics, all the mentioned come together in play!

It’s a Multipurpose Bike

Having a road bike is continually amazing in light of the way that it fills various needs. You can use it for hustling, visiting, driving and redirection. Maybe you will even right it to work, many do in Copenhagen, the ride is not the most comfortable once you have to get by all the traffic in the morning but sure you can save up some of those precious sleep minutes in the morning!

Riding to work in the morning will raise your dopamine levels!


This is always an important factor, keep in mind that not always more money means better bike, but sure it gives you some freedom and flex to play around. 

Before feeling free to choose a bike, consider a spending that you are eager to spend on. Most likely it will be your second bike, or bike you can use during summer. When the financial backing is fixed, different things will fall set up. Additionally, guarantee to keep a 10% flexibility. And make sure that if you buy a bike second hand you can negotiate price!

Remember that not all road bikes have the same built, design or deliver the same amount of performance even though they cost the same. So, you will have to check on that before you buy one.

Bikes have become expensive and today there are more ways to sort out. Seeing a 10000kr. bikes are very rare in 2000s. The cost of bikes now can vary from 700kr to 10000kr over today. If you have not been shopping over the past few years of road bikes you may be acquainted with current technology and choices but the current prices can be surprising. The pricing could be intimidating.

Practical Part 

Practical benefits of using road bikes, maybe it sounds strange but there are few ones. Still a bit hesitant to own a road bike? Here is a list of some of the many benefits of having a road bike:

Bike vs car 

A road bike is path less expensive than a vehicle. As well as it pollutes way less than a car!

As referenced, a road bike will likewise take you to the spots you have to go to, without spending a great deal. Not saying that you’re a penny pincher, however being smart about cash is provocative. Saves you money and boost up your health with some activity- worth considering. And funny or not in Copenhagen you can get around faster with the bike than a car – not talking even about traffic jams and a dose of fresh air you get each time riding it!

Save space and earth, contribute to sustainability goals


A road bike is constructed tough. It might be made with lightweight materials, yet a street bicycle is heavy duty. Road bicycles are intended for cycling out and about, as its name proposes, yet they are not restricted to just a kilometer-long course. They are additionally ideal for hustling, visiting, or marathon, on any hard smooth surface. On the off chance that you are into any of these occasions, you better grab your very own road bike now, and yes in Copenhagen we have bike paths everywhere – literally everywhere. 


Given its edge and segments, a road bike is the quickest among the various styles of bicycles. Its enormous distance across narrow tires make all cyclists desirous. Different bicycles additionally expect you to sit increasingly upstanding, which permits wind protection from back you off. The achieve riding position for road bikes enables the rider to pedal hard without managing a lot of wind opposition.

There is no better feeling to pass other cyclists with ease road bike gives you, and then you could get competitive and even chase cars!


Riding a road bike is a cardio exercise, which is beneficial for you. Notwithstanding that, it is exercise done outside, generally under the sun( yes sun in Denmark ) . With the best possible clothing, you can procure the Vitamin D you need. This causes you rest soundly around evening time by lessening the pressure hormone in your body. 

Not to mention that you also let in the cycling culture in your soul!

Before buying

Consult the shop, specialist , bike mechanic or bike enthusiast. Do not just trust some opinions you saw online, real human to human talk would help you much more to understand your needs and specifications. Maybe pay a visit at local bike shop?!

When you are shopping for a new bicycle at local bicycle shop, you can ask for help to the staff. Staff should ask a series of questions:

1.      What type of riding that you do?

2.      How often that you ride per week?

3.      How far do you ride?

Copenhagen bicycle mechanics

These questions are important to help staff and yourself to direct you to the right type of bicycle. What ever you buy in the shop , online or second hand these are the things you should know. You are in the wrong bike shop if you walk into the shop and the staff does not ask you these basic questions.

You are faced with a broad range of prices once you find the type of bike that you are looking for. The type and number of features and quality of the components installed determine the price range.

Bike type

Before going on an examination trip to find the right bicycle for you, you need to know absolutely what you want  to do with your bicycle. It will impact your spending limit, as well as comfort of your riding. 

For the most part cruising bicycles don’t cost much. Be careful with exorbitant brand bicycles and trailblazing bicycles in case you are looking for an accommodating ride. Trailblazing bicycles are regularly expensive, so the primary concern that will spend plan welcoming for this circumstance is to find sensible rough terrain bicycles materials like carbon fiber. 

Brand bikes will as a rule be progressively specific, that could be in comfort, price, and quality of components. If your wallet allows you, most you will come across brands like Cube, Cervelo, Bianchi and others. 

Giant branded road bike
High quality, branded bike from Giant, with disc brakes.

Vintage road bikes. This could be a great alternative, as you can purchase very eye appealing bikes from older brands. They tend to be colorful and decorated with stylish stickers. These bikes can be equipped with older generation high quality competition parts. They could be built back up and restored by professional mechanics. They are in general heavier as the bikes frame is made out of steel or aluminium. 

older vintage bike sin Copenhagen
Vintage racing bike with some nice style.

Regular road bikes. They might not come from big brand but still can give you nice riding experience. How ever you should pay close attention to what stand are the components and general wear of the bike. Also as the bike is cheaper there is a good chance that to replace  parts and do adjustments will also be cheaper! These bikes could be a great first choice or transition before getting you a serious road bike!

Regular, good quality road bike.

Custom built. Lost of personality in one bike. There Are very good bike builders around the Copenhagen , you could get a bike that match your  personality and desires. A change is that you can buy one that is already made or you could consult mechanic and built one together. 

Custom built, turned in to single speed, fixed gear bike with characteristics of road bike.

This is definitely our favourite choice as we would love to put together delicious vintage frame with handpicked high quality parts. Result will stun you! But this could add up bit pricey due to skilled work and some parts that you cannot just resist!

Frame type 

Getting the correct Frame Materials will pretty much determine how light will be your bike. 

Your essential edge decisions are aluminum or carbon fiber if your looking for light frames, while oldschool steel frames weights a bit more. 


Most aluminum edges are very good at giving a smooth ride, and they are commonly more affordable than carbon fiber. Most aluminum-outline road bicycles come with a composite (carbon fiber) front fork to absorb some road vibration and give an improved ride quality. 


A carbon-fiber bicycle outline for the most part gives an increasingly agreeable, vibration-absorbing ride than an aluminum outline. They are more costly than aluminum-framed bicycles because of their labor-intensive manufacturing process. Be that as it may, the ride quality can shift generally relying upon the plan of a particular frame, so don’t expect unrivaled outcomes. 


Not much this material can be found among new bikes, but older bikes were made out of steel for a long time. Be aware that steel rusts and will be quite heavy, but there lays the sturdy comfort of drive. Steel bicycles do not flex as much as aluminum or carbon. 

Purchasing tip:

If you should have the lightest and most grounded, at that point a carbon-fiber edge is going to speak to you. On the off chance that you will in general ride for entertainment only and fitness without desires of being the quickest, at that point an aluminum casing will suit you well. Looking for some durable classic steel will fulfill this need. 

Purchasing tip: 

Inspect carefully bike frame, it should not have any cracks or dents, especially important for carbon bikes but this problem could easily occur also on aluminum and steel bikes. When not treated fast it could brake bike and endanger your health!

Frame size 

Strongly advised getting the bike on the right size for you. Be aware that sometimes you could choose the bike bit too small or little too big, it is more about your personal preference – you should feel comfortable on it. As a general rule you should be able to stretch out your leg fully on a cycle and your toes shouldn’t touch front wheel once you turn !

Follow up our diagram for view and guidance in to your right bike size!



Once you have chosen your spending limit, reason and sort of bicycle, you would now be able to approach shortlisting a couple of bikes. 

Now you should be thinking about components: wheels, brakes,  gears and other features

So what are the basic highlights and by what method would it be a good idea for you to go about it? 

First, you have to look at the components. Shimano and SRAM are good choice seeing Compalnago is a sign of a quality.  Be aware that sometimes brands can be mixed and you can get few brands on one bike. In general always make sure your components looks fresh and works smooth, has no lag, or weird noises. 

Once you have settled on the bicycle frame type, selecting the component is next important. More Often the bike shop has a road bicycle with the frame material that you want and in your size. More often you have to order the bicycle and have it delivered to the shop. Just like buying a car, picking up the model is one and  going through all of the features, options and upgrades can be frustrating and expensive. If the bike shop has a bicycle on the floor in your size with the standard components already installed, you have to decide whether you have to keep the installed components or select a less expensive or more expensive set of components. 

The four attributes to check for are weight, performance, durability and additional functionality over comparable components. 


Wheels are the main interface between your bike and the road. A good set of wheels with a good set of bearings is a plus upgrade option. A lighter set of wheels and better bearings will allow you to get up to speed with a little less effort and maintain that speed a little easier. Just as steel was the dominant material for bicycle frames for more than decades, steel was the most dominant material for wheel rims as well. Today, steel has been largely replaced by aluminum and carbon fiber. All these materials are durable , so the primary differences are weight and ride feel. Naturally the price of each can vary a great deal. A set of carbon fiber wheels can cost as much, or more than a complete set of upgraded car rims. 

If your bike budget is a concern, be sure to concentrate on these three items to help you ride for hours. Quality wheels will last for years, smooth your ride and help you stop with proper braking surface. Also, ask about the hub bearings that come with wheels. Ceramic bearings are harder and lighter than steel bearings and the surface of the ceramic bearings are smoother than steel reducing friction. 


Beyond your cycling skills and attention to various hazards on the roads, your tires are an important safety. Your tires resist punctures and blowouts, provide part of your ride comfort and grip the road especially in turns. For some cyclists, tires are an afterthought,something bought on sale. Other cyclists study the tire thread counts and whether the tire has a single compound or double compound or the tire matches the bicycle. Road bicycle comes in three different categories , They are clincher, tubular and tubeless. 

  1. Clincher wheel rims have flanges on both sides of the wheel rim that holds the beads of the tire in place, with separate enclosed inner tube between the tire and rim. 
  2. Tubular tires are the tires that completely enclose the inner tube, which sewn up inside the tire. Both are glued onto the wheel rim. 
  3. Tubeless tires mount directly to the rim without an inner tube, much like car tires. 

All these types of tyres have the same basic construction. They have two main elements : a nylon fabric coated with rubber. 


Your seat is an essential purpose of contact with bicycle, alongside pedals and handlebars. In the event that your seat isn’t happy, at that point you will think about whether it is conceivable to ride going to bat for the last 10 miles of the ride. Street cycling seats comes fit as a fiddle commonly long and restricted with a slender layer of paddling over the highest point of the seat. Still seats arrive in an assortment of shapes, sizes and width and measure of cushioning. The basic component with seats is that your seat is agreeable. 

There are a few factors that you should remember to choose the best seat for yourself. The elements are 

  • Seat Width 
  • Your riding style 
  • Seat Padding 
  • Seat material 
  • Seat Price 
Purchasing tip: 

Once buying bike second hand make sure seat-post can be moved and it is not stuck, you want to adjust seat height with ease. This is quite common [problem for older bikes with aluminum and steel frames.  Make sure to grab a set of allen keys with you or visit neighborhood bike store with seller. 


As all the mentioned components also pedals will be part of overall experience off biking. You can choose pedals that are just like regular bikes or you can choose a set of pedals you can attach  biking shoes – for the most called click pedals. If doing just small distance driving and the main aim is not speed you could be better off with regular pedals. But if you plan to cover longer distances with your bicycle a click pedals and shoes will be a great investment. 

It is also possible to get a set of pedals that you can use as regular, or if turned around as click pedals. 

Brake Levers and Gear Shifters 

Quite a long time ago, these were totally separate mechanisms situated on various pieces of the bicycle. Presently they are regularly incorporated. The accurate method of operation can vary by the brand and model. 

By test riding various bicycles, you may build up a personal preference for the workings of one style over another. With Shimano models, the brake switch duplicates as one of the apparatus shifters. With SRAM models, the gear shifter is a littler switch taken care of behind the brake switch and is free of the brake system. 

Purchasing tip: Be certain you can keep up a good grip on the handlebars while braking or switching gears. Try moving and braking with your hands over the bars just as in the drop position. On the off chance that you have smaller hands, inquire as to whether the switches have reach achievement and how that functions. It could be a straightforward screw modification or a shim expansion.

Review your bicycle before you return Home 

You should do two things before you take your bicycle home. Bicycles shipped to bike shops come to the shop in pieces format and then they are assembled and inspected by the bike shop staff before handling the bicycle to the customer. First carefully, examine the bicycle to make sure that components that you ordered are installed on the bike. Swapping out the wrong components and installing the right components is easy to do at the bike shop before you go. 

If you bought second hand bike from the craigslist (  or facebook marketplace ) make sure that you are satisfied with it, check if all the screws are tight and bike has no noises, suspicious scratches should be avoided, make sure that the wheels are straight and spokes are tight. Bike should look neat and well kept as well seller should be trustworthy. There should be no free movements across components, if there is it is a sign of wearout and will require some repairs soon. 

Purchasing tip

Always, and we mean always with no excuses check bike serial number and request documentation for your purchase, either from shops or from seller. 

Test Ride 

Set aside the effort to take a short ride to guarantee that the bicycle works accurately subsequent to investigating the bicycle and modifications made after the fitting. On the off chance that you see anything not working effectively, particularly the rigging moving or braking. 

Kinds of Road Bikes 

The day of all-around fundamental street bicycle is finished. Today, major most bicycle produces have four noteworthy kinds of street bicycles to browse: Race, Aerodynamic, Endurance and Triathlon/Time Trial. A cyclist purchasing another bicycle is looked with a scope of bicycles, highlights and capacities that they need to filter through to settle on a choice. The particular jobs that every one of these bicycles fill affects the master visit. 

  1. Race Road Bikes 

Race bicycles are ordinarily lightweight carbon fiber or aluminum, bicycles that are at, or just underneath the weight furthest reaches of 6.8kg of the Union cycliste Internationale (UCI). The UCI is the overseeing body for dashing games. 

        2.   Aerodynamic Road Bike 

Aerodynamic bicycles have airfoil molded cylinders to enable them to go through the air all the more productively. Customary round and hollow cylinders don’t go through the air also airfoil molded cylinders. Air bicycles have inside steered links, brakes that are incorporated with casing cylinders or back brakes set underneath the chainstay, out of the breeze and coordinated one-piece handlebar and stems. Since their presentation a couple of years back, these bikes are marginally heavier than race bikes and can have harsher rides, because of shapes utilized. The molded cylinders are not as grumbling as round and hollow cylinders, so these formed cylinders will transmit street buzz more. 

             3.  Endurance or Comfort Road Bikes 

Endurance bicycles or solace bicycles are intended for longer rides with more consistency incorporated with the edge. They give gentler rides to the cyclist. Bicycle shop staff will bring this choice up if the shopping cyclist is 1) not contending in criterium races or crits and 2) express inconvenience with the brutal rides of the air bicycles. A portion of these bicycles have the most recent innovation for street bicycles and circle brakes. Circle brakes have better halting force in the downpour and give the cyclist a superior vibe while braking. Everybody who has utilized plate brakes in my LSB spout throughout the subsequent bit of leeway, every one of them saying intense that you have is incredible. 

            4.  Triathlon Bikes 

Triathlon or time preliminary bicycles are the main street bicycle that has to a great extent continued as before in the course of the most recent couple of years. These bikes have streamlined handlebars, which causes the cyclist to sit in a progressively streamlined position on the bicycle. The cyclist hip push ahead than out and about bicycle, setting the hip straightforwardly over the base section instead of marginally behind it. Triathlon bicycles were still are at the top end of cost and on account of the cyclist situating and the way that controlling these bicycles through a specialized course is increasingly troublesome, their numbers are constrained. 

Bike Computers 

Gadgets and innovation have changed the idea of street cycling today. Between GPS, pulse screens, bike sensors and power meters,21st century bikes have to such an extent or a bigger number of information than NASA rocket that went to the moon. Presently cyclists can screen their ride information while riding, transfer and offer ride information with their companions on the Internet utilizing their cell phones or a devoted bicycle PC. 

Fundamental Maintenance 

Bikes are basic machines, yet bikes need customary support. Appropriate support will make your bike last more and give you less inconvenience throughout the years. The primary decision of numerous cyclists is to have a trusty bike mechanic or workshop for routine updates or check ups. 

Keeping your bike clean is simply the most effortless upkeep undertakings you can do yourself. A perfect bike with clean segments will perform better. A dark and sleek chain implies that your chain should be cleaned. 

Pro tip

Oil your bike regularly in all moving components do not forget also cables 

Road bikes will give you a nice activity during the weeknds and let you explore close surrounding with pleasure. Make sure to check your bike before purchase and maintain properly during your ownership. We hope this guide lets you discover best road bike for your needs!

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