one day with bicycle ion Copenhagen

One day with a bi​cycl​e in Copenhagen

The best to see Copenhagen is on the bike. We have composed the best spots to visit around Copenhagen with the bike. Make your weekend special and go for a bike ride. 

Pretty much every spot in Copenhagen is accessible by bicycle – literally there are bike roads everywhere! Get on the bike and go explore 

Explore City center 

The city center is a great choice if you are visiting Copenhagen for a short period and want to see all the main sights at once.  Copenhagen is a compact city, it is easy to move from one site to another, and with proper planning, you can even have a nice route to catch them all on the way( or join our bike tour ). 

You will definitely visit Nyhavn ( great place for Copenhagen pictures) and the famous bicycle bridge just nearby. If you happen to pass by bit before lunch ( 12:00) give a small detour to Amalienborg palace and witness guard change.  Christiania and historical Christianshavn neighborhood are just across the channel. 

Close by you can reach Old stock exchange and parliament ending up in stroget and maybe doing some shopping?

Or just stroll around the city and enjoy the street vibe, grab street food or just sit down to watch how locals race with their bikes. 

Nørrebro neighborhood

A bit away from the city and bike will be very handy to reach this hipster neighborhood of Copenhagen. Grab your bike and bike through it, explore the streets, see locals they say the best shawarma can be found here!  Nørrebro is a place where to see young people, immigrants, professionals, and creatives blend in one creating amazing city vibe. Main streets filled with cheap. eats, bicycle shops, thrift stores while side streets have small bars, art corners, Danish designer pop up stores and many more. 

From the city center, it will take you about 15 minutes at a slow pace to get to nørrebro. You will notice that neighboorhood starts after, Copenhagen lakes, ( great place to chill out). 

Amager strandpark 

Sunny days in Copenhagen must be enjoyed, and how to do it best? Hop on a bicycle or load your cargo Christiania bike full with picnic or barbecue supplies and ride to Amager beach.  It is a great place to chill out close to the city. During the warmer summer days water will heat up and you can enjoy swimming. Bring your buddies and have a great chill out by the beach! 

As alternatives, you could also look into Islands brygge or Svanemøllestranden, wonderful places for hangout and reachable with a pleasant bicycle ride 

Copenhagen is a perfect city for biking and you can definitely plan a good route and get enough entertainment, fresh air, and joy from riding a bike!

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