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Clement Bicycles France 1900’s

French history – Clement Bicycles

It is not very common to come around bicycles from 1920’s. During those times there were not many bicycle manufacturers anyway. But few Italian and French bicycle builders were active already.

Clement bicycles

Let’s talk about Clément Cycles or if to be written correctly  La Société des Vélocipédes Clément. This bicycle builders/manufacturers was a coming from France. This bicycle manufacturer was created by the industrial entrepreneur Adolphe Clément.

old clement bicycles france

All started as just a bicycle repair shop in Bordeau, later one it grew and developed into a workshop and moved in Paris. There Clement bicycles grew into mass manufacture of a wide range of bicycles. Clement cycles always was close to build quality bikes and also knew how to advertise it. Look trough the article you will find fine art posters from the bicycle manufacturer.

All started In 1876, once after 2 years of racing with bicycles, working and saving them , Clément-Bayard saved up enough money to start his own in business. His first step was to open a bicycle repair workshop in Bordeaux. He was just 21 at the time to open his own cycle shop.

During the years owner learned how to manufacture steel tubes for bicycles in Marseille. Next year he started his own bicycle Brand: Clément SA cycles in Lyon. Only 2 Years went bay and experience as bicycle manufacturer and all relevant work already allowed to build real quality bicycles. In 1878 he moved to Paris and opened a ‘Clément & Cie‘ located close to Place de l’Etoile. Besides the shop he was running cycling school and was regularly competing in bicycle races. In Paris the business backers were names as monsieur de Graffenried and monsieur de Montgeron.

Things went fast for the era we talking. Time went by , and once the end of 1878 came by Adolphe partnered up with the cycling champion Charles Terront.

manual from clement

In September 1879, Clément built an iron smelter- a power machine, manufactured in Tulle. the plant ended up to be sold due to not be reliable.

we could consider this a good step for bicycles , as all the focus then went there. By the 1880 the “Clément” cycle manufacturing business that was based in Rue Brunel, already had about 150 active employees, focusing on building quality bicycles. The cycles were regarded as very high quality and reliable. in just 10 years , by 1890 Clément was already the leading cycle brand in France.

In nowadays there is not many of these bicycles left. If you have a chance to get one in your hands you should definitely keep it. we have been looking around different marketplaces and we haven’t been able to find many of them for sale.

This French Classic and phenomenal of a bicycle is something any bicycle collector would like to have.

Clement bicycle we found

Here we found one classic, Clement bicycle to show off. With original colour, some of the original accessories as leather seats, from lights, paint and instrument pouch.

Bottom bracket, in a classic way with pin.

Front headlight, might went trough the decades, but this one is found as the closest one to the original.

Leather seat – a must have for a vintage bicycle. Even better if it is a real vintage.

Surprisingly, colour is original for this bicycle. It is not easy to find but a thin g to keep in your mind. bicycle with original paint will always be in a high value.

Beautiful bicycle head badge from Clement bicycle.

They even had a a serial numbers, quite impressive for the bicycle from 1920’s

Rusty but works, bicycle made in the time when people valued quality.

Clement bicycles is something unique you should keep an eye on. They are rare now, and has a wonderful history behind. look for older models and watch out from rust on older bicycles. Sometimes you can get bargain deal in a garage sale on trift shop for a Clement bicycles.

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