Copenhagen cycling rules

Bicycle traffic rules you need to know in Copenhagen ​

Copenhagen might seem as slow paced and laid back city. Car drivers are responsible, bike lanes are wide and traffic is well organized. The city belongs to cyclists and we will guide you on how to properly fit in and what rules to obey!

Stick to the right side

The biggest mistake made by visitors, tourist and people that are not familiar with biking on Copenhagen’s bike lanes is to be in the middle of the road. Yeah, yeah also locals do that when they forget. This bad habit annoys the hell out of to the frustrated or hurried locals, you simply take up to much space and make it dangerous to overtake. Better stay on the right-hand side (as close to the pavement as you can) and you’ll fit in quite nicely, even if it means to leave your friend behind you and not have that friendly chat. Drive with the flow and you’ll also be able to admire beautiful views as you cruise from one neighborhood to another.

Traffic lights – Red is red, Stop!

Note that larger intersections have separated traffic light just for bikes – it is smaller and located in the eyesight of biker. It is important to know that they are not working the same as the lights for cars – so pay close attention to bike lights :). If there is no bike light you must follow car lights. Do not risk to drive over the red lights for your own safety and for the high fines if you get cought.

Bus stops and people

Bus stops can be really annoying, not even local bikers really know when should you give the road for people leaving the bus, neither the people living the bus know when to give the road to bikers. This situations cause many missunderstandings, therfore we advise you to keep an eye for the bus stops , better take 5 seconds more and make sure evryone got out of the bus and then you can apss safely.

Lights and lock

Safety first ad this goes for you and for the bike. It is mandatory to have bike lights for the dark hour ( in winter months it can be even from 4pm). It is required so you and your bicycle are visible for other participants in traffic. If you rent a bicycle you will most likely have lights with it, if not you can buy them at most bike shops and even in some grocery stores. And to keep your bicycle safe from thieves ( yes even in daylight) your bike needs to have lock on it! Make always sure taht you remeber to lock it, evn if you leave it for short moment!

No phone while driving

There is not such a rule, but it is a good thing to do. It can distract your attention from traffic and you can bump into someone, miss the red light or drop your phone. Enjoy your biking and if you need to use it for maps, answering texts or Instagram, stop on the side or ask your bike rental for phone holder!

Hand signals

Use your hands for signaling, if you turn left other people to know your turning by indicating it with a hand raised towards the right side when turning right. If your going left cross the street and stay on the right and cross with next green light, before doing this move signal it with right hand raised and bendt in 90 degrees.

Cycling is fun

Biking is fun , and all the rules are pretty intuitive and makes sense after first five minutes on the road. Danes will be friendly with you and good Scandinavian breeze will make sure you get the best of cycling in Copenhagen. If you are soon to visit city let us know and we will hook you up with best bike rental in town !

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