Hafnia cykler annual cykel markeed

Annual bicycle market by Hafnia cykler in Nørrebro

Already became a tradition that in spring, together with flowers raise up all the best Copenhagen bike mechanics and biggest bike enthusiasts in the city. They all come together to sell, buy and swap parts, bikes, accessories and whatever else related to bicycles. With the chilled atmosphere and summer sun, you can get a great deal on vintage bike frames or are missing parts for your renovation project, or maybe even a whole bike? Let dive in how was it this year at Hafnia cykler marked at Nørrebro?

People coming to buy bicycle spare parts, vintage bicycles and racing bikes in Copenhagen - Nørrebro
Perfect day for your vintage bike hunt

Visitors enjoying walking and exploring bike seller stands. Here is literally everything you need for your bike build or restoration. Lots of colorful frames, wheelsets, pedals, rare gear shifters and more. And everything for a very democratic price, definitely worth negotiating.

Delicious vintage racing bike frames for sale. Find your best frame for your custom bicycle built!
Wide selection of bicycle frames
Second hand bicycle spare parts. Steering airs, frames , and many more for bike builders.
And even more on the ground

Among all the spare parts, we also spotted some nice selection of already made bikes. Better bikes also took some of the bikes to market. I think we ended up selling and buying for the same amount as we just could not hold back for some of the bicycles and spare parts we find to hard to get in daily.

selection of vintage racing bikes presented by Better bikes Copenhagen. Batavus , kildemoes, giant, Motobecane is some of the brands we had with us!
Some of our bikes in market Batavus, Raleigh, Kildemoes, Motobecane and Giant brands.
modern racing bikes for sale in hafnium cycle marked.
Pretty racing/street bikes
Spotted bianchii bike
Can’t get more beautiful than Bianchi

Among all the racing bikes we also spotted one pretty cool bikes, we never seen before. Have you ever saw a trick bicycle, do you know how to recognize a military bicycle or have you tried to ride a plastic bike? Those bikes are a rare find on street and msotly in someones collection, lucky for us they where here in the market!

Trick bicycles from Bauer and Glockener
Trick bicycles
Swedish military bicycle with original paint
An Old Swedish military bicycle
Itera plastic bike in perfect condition
Itera plastic bike

And even more spare parts, bike pedals, gear levers, brooks seats(for cheap), cranks – you name it! If you are looking for old school brands like Campalnago, Mavic, different Shimano series you will get them here in boxes! By the way, we also saw many guys selling cool biker hats and shirts.

Second hand bicycle parts- pedals, kranks, gear levers
Spare parts for any build
Trailer full with bicycle parts from brands as camplanago
When you already bought enough , but just can’t resist
bicycle market vibes at hafnium cykler , early spring in Copenhagen
Bike tires, clothing, and quick fixes on the spot
Some more stuff

At the end, everyone had a chance to participate and win prizes in a small run around the block. Sounds simple right ? Well… not as simple if you have to do it with Penny-farthing, a bike that has a small back wheel and large front one, where pedaling is done by the front wheel. It woould be a simple run but the bike was not the most simple one :D. One gear, odd sized wheels, hmmm it took a while to get around with it, but the joy was real!

Penny farthing bike driving around block of norrebro
Looking fancy, pedalling fast, penny farting around the block
bicycle market and Penny farthing  race in Copenhagen
Penny farting racers getting ready !

Thanks agin Hafnia bike shop for organising this annual market. We wait next year for next market. Next time we will bring more bikes, more parts and have fun as always. There is another market happening in August – we will let you knwo about it

Hafnia bike shop
Hafnia bike guys

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