Tandem bicycle in Copenhagen

5 reasons to ride a ta​nde​​m bicycle in Copenhagen

Riding together on a Tandem bicycle

Tandem bicycle is the best way to experience in Copenhagen. Biking together is a great chilled experience and you can  Ride together, even if you cannot ride. Let’s see what are the best reasons to bike on a tandem bike in Copenhagen!

You can ride a bike even if you can not

Yes, that is true, you don’t need to know how to ride the bike! No need to worry about keeping balance, pedaling or getting into traffic. Or maybe you cannot for some reason like your leg is hurt, or you got that big blister from walking all day! On a tandem bike, only one person is enough to move both, your partner will be in charge of keeping balance and navigating through the streets, peddling ( you can still assist ).  It is a wonderful experience for someone who never rode a bike to finally do it, maybe you even will overcome your fear and next time you will be in charge of biking!

Best couple bike  🙂

What can be more romantic than riding a bicycle together :). Tandem bike allows you to do so, besides that one of you can be less focused on the road and take pictures or update Instagram feed. It is a great way how guys can take out their girls for a date in a very classical way.  Tandem biking is very much dependent on good communication skills, in the front sitting person can guide and navigate while the person in back has to listen and do the actions! Try riding a tandem bicycle and sharpen your couple communication skills with some fun and joint effort- oh yeah it goes faster when two are pedaling  

Try something new and unique 

Copenhagen bike scene is already very colorful with many bikes, different sized cargo bikes, and even one wheeler.  But there are not so many tandem bikes riding in Copenhagen.  Riding a tandem definitely will be a great way to stand out and be different. These bikes are unique in the city and even the design is been around for ages they are just now coming back to their previous legacy. Locals always see tandems with a big smile, and even bigger when you will pass them in traffic( because remember you are two doing the work).

Family bike

Are you coming to visit the city with your kids, it might seem a bit frightening to put them on their own bicycle in Copenhagen bike traffic. But walking around and taking public transport can be a very tiring bot for you and kids.  With a tandem bike, you can get your kids on the bike and you are in charge of actions, while they still get the joy of biking. What a great way for kids to bond with parents, they can pedal, they can look around, they are in front of action while the parent can ensure that they are safe! We suggest even to add bike seat and have your very little ones on a tandem – then you are 3 riding one bike  

One bike, not two

Tandem bicycle is one bike with an extended frame but still only 2 wheels.  You can be 2 riders on it, compared to regular bikes you would need. So it means you also need to lock only one bike, you only need bicycle parking for one bike.  And this can be done by just one of you, so it gives you more time to actually see the city not struggle with locks and parking spots( it can get a bit hectic in Copenhagen ).  Like we like to say: less is more and tandem is less bike hustle but way more bike fun!

Tandem bikes are fun and certainly, they are getting back their legacy, next time you are renting a bicycle maybe give a try to the tandem bike. Coming to Copenhagen? Rent bike from us – get bike

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    1. hey, Bikes in Copenhagen usually range from 100-300 eur for a second-hand bike bought in-store, you can get one a bit cheaper if you buy from local craigslist or facebook marketplace.

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